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Oakland Raiders News

Oakland Raiders game predictions Oakland Raiders reporter Bill Williamson makes his game-by-game picks for the 2014 season. The Raiders traditionally don't play well on the East Coast. Plus, Rex Ryan's team will be tough to score on. I see a low-scoring defeat.

Team Report - OAKLAND RAIDERS Quarterback still a mystery with Raiders

Raiders announce Derek Carr as starter; will he be starting by Week 14? The San Francisco 49ers will face the Oakland Raiders in Week 14. Will newly named starting QB Derek Carr still be in the starting lineup when that game rolls around? The San Francisco 49ers "travel" to face the Oakland Raiders in Week 14.

Oakland Raiders announce rookie Derek Carr will start at quarterback Oakland Raiders rookie Derek Carr beat out veteran Matt Schaub for the starting job. Carr passed for 5,083 yards and 50 touchdowns last season at Fresno State and was drafted in the second round.

Raiders start rookie Carr, not Schaub, at QB The Oakland Raiders have named rookie Derek Carr their starting quarterback.

Raiders fill out practice squad with 10 players The Oakland Raiders signed 10 players to their practice squad on Monday, including rookie running back George Atkinson III out of Notre Dame.

New York Jets Still A Road Challenge For Oakland Raiders In 2014 The Oakland Raiders, projected to finish last in the AFC West division this year by pretty much everyone, open the 2014 regular season next Sunday against the New York Jets on the road, and it could be the beginning of a long season for the Silver & Black.

Derek Carr, not Matt Schaub, to start Week 1 for Oakland Raiders Second-round pick Derek Carr will start for the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, per Fox's Jay Glazer.

Oakland Raiders name Derek Carr their starting quarterback Raiders coach Dennis Allen chooses to start Derek Carr over Matt Schaub in Sunday's game against New York Jets; Carr becomes first rookie in Raiders' franchise history to start a season opener.

Raiders tab rookie Derek Carr as starting QB ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) Oakland rookie Derek Carr will start the season opener against the New York Jets, becoming the first Raiders quarterback to start the first game of his rookie season. Coach Dennis Allen announced Monday that Carr would be the starter for the foreseeable future ahead of Matt Schaub, who struggled in the preseason and has been hampered by a sore elbow. "We've seen signs of ...

Oakland Raiders

Team Name: Oakland Raiders
Stadium: McAfee Coliseum
Stadium Address: 7000 Colisseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621
Stadium Capacity: 63,026
Playing Surface: Grass
Business Address: 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda, CA 94502
Radio Station(s): The Ticket, 1050 AM
Training Ground: Napa, Calif. 707-256-1000

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The Oakland Raiders are a professional American football team based in Oakland, California. They currently belong to the Western Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). Legally, the club is a limited partnership operated by Al Davis, who serves as President of the team's general partner, A.D. Football, Inc. The Raiders began play in 1960 as the eighth charter member of the American Football League after the ownership group from Minnesota withdrew from the AFL to join the NFL. The Raiders later joined the NFL themselves in 1970 as part of the AFL-NFL Merger. The team has won one AFL title and three Super Bowl s. In 1982, Davis moved the team from Oakland to Los Angeles, California and the club became known as the Los Angeles Raiders, but they moved back to Oakland in 1995.
Uniform colors: 1960-1962: Black, Gold and White, 1963-Present: Silver and Black
Helmet design: Silver with a black shield with crossed swords and image of a Raider.

The Oakland Raiders have four primary rivals: their divisional rivals (Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Diego Chargers) and their geographic rival, the San Francisco 49ers. They have had rivalries with other teams which arose from playoff battles, but as the Raiders' fortunes have waned in recent years, so have these secondary rivalries.

Divisional rivals

  • The Denver Broncos and the Raiders have been divisional rivals since the two teams began play in the AFL in 1960. While the Raiders still hold a sizable advantage in regular season play (54-37-2), the Broncos have won five of the last six matchups (2003-2005). Current Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan coached the Raiders before being fired just four games into the 1989 season, which has only served to intensify this rivalry.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs and the Raiders have had several memorable matches and have a bitter division rivalry, which was exacerbated in 1968 when the Kansas City Athletics baseball team moved to, of all places, Oakland, and in 1969 when the Kansas City Royals expansion team was placed in the same division as the A's. It seems to have given Kansas City sports fans a bitter dislike of Oakland in general.
  • The San Diego Chargers are perhaps the Raiders' oldest rivals, dating to the 1963 season when the upstart Raiders defeated the heavily-favored Chargers twice, in both cases come-from-behind fourth quarter victories. One of the most memorable games between these teams was the "Holy Roller" game in 1978, where the Raiders fumbled for a touchdown in a very controversial (and now illegal) play. Since 1995, this rivalry has only intensified, as Raider fans from the Los Angeles area now purchase a large percentage of the tickets to Raider-Charger games played in San Diego.
Geographic rivals
  • The San Francisco 49ers, the team across the San Francisco Bay, are the Raiders' geographic rivals. Unlike the divisional rivalries, however, this rivalry is more important to the fans of the teams than to the players, since the teams play in different conferences. People in the Bay Area who like the Raiders generally have a passionate hatred of the 49ers, and the feeling is mutual. This rivalry continued unabated even during the Raiders' 13-year hiatus in Los Angeles. The two teams are scheduled to play in the 2006 NFL season in San Francisco.
  • The Los Angeles Rams were the Raiders' geographic rivals from 1982, when the Raiders moved to Los Angeles, through the 1994 season, after which both teams moved from the Los Angeles area. The rivalry, while fueled by some fans' resentment of the Rams' 1980 move to Anaheim Stadium, was never close to being as intense as either the Raider-49er rivalry or the 49er-Ram rivalry. The Rams, now known as the St. Louis Rams are scheduled to play in Oakland during the 2006 NFL season.
Other rivals
  • The New England Patriots are the most recent playoff rivals of the Oakland Raiders. This is due to the controversial "Tuck Game" incident in 2002. The Raiders have not yet faced them again in the postseason, although they did beat the Patriots in the following regular season, which helped knock them out of the playoffs in 2003. However, many fans are still bitter about the incident, especially since the Patriots won the Super Bowl the following February.
  • The New York Jets began a strong rivalry with the Raiders in the AFL in the 1960s that continued through much of the 1970s, fueled in part by Raider Ike Lassiter breaking star quarterback Joe Namath's jaw during a 1967 game (though Ben Davidson wrongly got the blame), the famous Heidi Game during the 1968 season, and the Raiders' bitter loss to the Jets in the AFL Championship Game later that year. This rivalry waned in later years, due to the Jets' slide into mediocity. The Raiders are scheduled to go to the Meadowlands to play the Jets again in the 2006 NFL season. They went there in 2005, and lost.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers' rivalry with the Raiders was extremely intense during the 1970s. The Steelers denied the Raiders a trip to the Super Bowl in three of four consecutive seasons in the early 1970s (the first loss was the famous "Immaculate Reception" loss) until the Raiders finally beat the Steelers in the 1976 AFC Championship game and won the Super Bowl the following January. After his team's loss to the Raiders, Steeler coach Chuck Noll described the Raider defensive backs as a "criminal element" in a post-game interview. The Steelers are scheduled to go to Oakland and play the Raiders in the 2006 NFL season, but their rivalry has since faded in recent times.
  • The Seattle Seahawks had a rivalry with the Raiders during the 1980s and 1990s. However, the rivalry was more important to Seahawk fans, who were bitter at the Raiders for beating them in the 1983-84 AFC Championship game. The rivalry probably was not as important as those with other division rivals to Raider fans since the Seahawks were an expansion team, not placed in the AFC West until 1977. The Seahawks moved to the NFC West in 2002, and now only face the Raiders once every 4 years, lessening the rivalry. The Raiders are scheduled to play in Seattle during the 2006 NFL Season.

Season-by-season records

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties

Season W L T Finish Playoffs
Oakland Raiders (AFL)
1960 6 8 0 3rd West (AFL) --
1961 2 12 0 4th West (AFL) --
1962 1 13 0 4th West (AFL) --
1963 10 4 0 2nd West (AFL) --
1964 5 7 2 3rd West (AFL) --
1965 8 5 1 2nd West (AFL) --
1966 8 5 1 2nd West (AFL) --
1967 13 1 0 1st West (AFL) Won AFL Championship
Lost Super Bowl II (Packers)
1968 12 2 0 1st West (AFL) Lost AFL Championship (Jets)
1969 12 1 1 1st West (AFL) Lost AFL Championship (Chiefs)
Merged into NFL
1970 8 4 2 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Colts)
1971 8 4 2 2nd AFC West --
1972 10 3 1 1st AFC West Lost Divisional Playoffs (Steelers)
1973 9 4 1 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Dolphins)
1974 12 2 0 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Steelers)
1975 11 3 0 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Steelers)
1976 13 1 0 1st AFC West Won Super Bowl XI (Vikings)
1977 11 3 0 2nd AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Broncos)
1978 9 7 0 4th AFC West --
1979 9 7 0 3rd AFC West --
1980 11 5 0 1st AFC West Won Super Bowl XV (Eagles)
1981 7 9 0 4th AFC West --
Los Angeles Raiders
1982 8 1 0 1st AFC Conf. Lost Divisional Playoffs (Jets)
1983 12 4 0 1st AFC West Won Super Bowl XVIII (Redskins)
1984 11 5 0 3rd AFC West Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Seahawks)
1985 12 4 0 1st AFC West Lost Divisional Playoffs (Patriots)
1986 8 8 0 4th AFC West --
1987 5 10 0 4th AFC West --
1988 7 9 0 3rd AFC West --
1989 8 8 0 3rd AFC West --
1990 12 4 0 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Bills)
1991 9 7 0 3rd AFC West Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Chiefs)
1992 7 9 0 4th AFC West --
1993 10 6 0 2nd AFC West Lost Divisional Playoffs (Bills)
1994 9 7 0 2nd AFC West --
Oakland Raiders
1995 8 8 0 4th AFC West --
1996 7 9 0 4th AFC West --
1997 4 12 0 4th AFC West --
1998 8 8 0 2nd AFC West --
1999 8 8 0 4th AFC West --
2000 12 4 0 1st AFC West Lost AFC Championship (Ravens)
2001 10 6 0 1st AFC West Lost Divisional Playoffs (Patriots)
2002 11 5 0 1st AFC West Lost Super Bowl XXXVII (Buccaneers)
2003 4 12 0 3rd AFC West --
2004 5 11 0 4th AFC West --
2005 4 12 0 4th AFC West --
2006 2 14 0 4th AFC West  
2007 1 2 0    


Raider Nation

The nickname Raider Nation refers to the die hard fans of the team. Members of the Raider Nation are known for arriving to the stadium early, tailgating, dressing up in face masks, and black outfits. The Raider Nation is also known for its "black hole", a specific section of the McAfee Coliseum (Sections 103, 104, and 105) frequented by the rowdiest and most fervent fans. Notable Raider fans include Metallica frontman James Hetfield. Metallica performed in the Parking Lot Party at the Network Associates Coliseum before the 2002-2003 AFC Championship game which the Raiders won against the Titans 41-24. 

Raiders Radio Network

Raider games are broadcast in English on 20 radio stations in California, including flagship station KSFO (560 AM) in San Francisco and KXTA (570 AM) in Los Angeles. Additionally, games are broadcast on ten radio stations in Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and British Columbia. Greg Papa is the play-by-play announcer, with former Raider coach and quarterback Tom Flores doing commentary. George Atkinson and Jim Plunkett offer pre- and post-game commentary. Raider games are also broadcast in Spanish on six radio stations, including station KZSF (1370 AM) in San Jose and five other stations in California's Central Valley. Erwin Higueros handles play-by-play in Spanish, with Ambrosio Rico doing commentary. 



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